Hugh Broughton Architects is one of the established talents of contemporary British architecture. Our designs have won many awards nationally and internationally. Our projects have been extensively published and exhibited around the world.

The company was founded in 1995 by Hugh Broughton and has been built around a core of experienced architects who have worked together for many years and who understand each other’s strengths and skills. Our work is carried out in a friendly, lively and financially secure atmosphere. It matters to us that the people who work in our office have fun, because a great team spirit allows us to find the most creative design solutions to every challenge.

Hugh Broughton Architects is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

What we do

From the outset we listen to the needs of our clients to help us understand the ways in which they work. Only when we feel fully informed do we set out on the creative design journey. In this way we have developed long-term relationships with many of our clients and have become their trusted partners. The best designs are always the products of collaboration.

We believe that, whilst the practice of architecture is an intellectual and artistic pursuit, to achieve physical meaning it needs to respond to human needs, commercial reality and environmental pragmatism.

Our approach requires us to exercise the lateral thinking abilities of an architect to the full, taking us into new territories, exploring new forms of construction and drawing upon the full breadth of available technologies.

Our work is characterised by a sensitive, contemporary architecture of calm and flowing spaces, enriched by meticulous attention to detail and occasional moments of drama. Pushing the frontiers of technology, our work provides innovative, well-built spaces, which are a delight to use and a pleasure to look at.




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